Pure MDMA Crystal

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Properties: Crystals, Powder Molar Mass: 193.25 gram ·mol−1 Purity of the material: 99.9% SPECIFICATION Cas Number: 42542-10-9 Names: Molly / Mandy, Displayed MDMA Molecular Formula: C11H15NO2 Item Title: MDMA Impact: stimulant, psychedelic

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Product Description

Pure MDMA Crystal (‘Ecstasy’) drug profile

Pure MDMA Crystal is a synthetic material commonly called ecstasy, but the latter word has been generalised to cover a broad array of different substances. It was not promoted as such. Curative use is restricted, although suggested to counseling. Illicit MDMA is seen.

It functions as a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and contains a feeble hallucinogenic house more correctly called increased sensory consciousness. MDMA is under control.

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The medication combined will be more inclined to make a high on the MDMA Crystal than someone. Drugs or combinations of substances that people make themselves with are also more difficult to control, whereas marijuana and MDMA combine with cigarettes or alcohol to become stronger.

Some people also get the flu-like indicators of Pure MDMA Crystal withdrawal once they become hooked on MDMA.  . As a result of this, MDMA is very potent and hallucinogenic (hallucinatory). The consequences of MDMA appear to be more extreme due to the MDMA or MDMA acid.


molecular structure of MDMA/ecstasy

Molecular formula: C11H15NO2
Molecular weight: 193.2


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